David N. Linsenbardt, PhD

Areas of Specialty

Systems neuroscience


Indiana University - Purdue University
Indinapolis, IN

Binghamton University (SUNY)
Binghamton , NY

San Diego State University
San Diego, CA

Key Publications

  • Qß Virus-like particle-based vaccine induces robust immunity and protects against tauopathy..  NPJ vaccines.  4:-. 2019 
  • Amphetamine improves mouse and human attention in the 5-choice continuous performance test.  Neuropharmacology.  138:87-96. 2018
  • Cortico-hippocampal GluN2B is essential for efficient visual-spatial discrimination learning in a touchscreen paradigm.  Neurobiology of learning and memory 2018
  • Extended Erythropoietin Treatment Prevents Chronic Executive Functional and Microstructural Deficits Following Early Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats. 2018 
  • Extended erythropoietin treatment prevents chronic executive functional and microstructural deficits following early severe traumatic brain injury in rats.  Frontiers in Neurology.  9:1-12. 2018


My labs primary interest is the neurobiology of substance use/abuse disorders, particularly Alcohol Use Disorders (AUDs). We evaluate the role of genes and genetic background on susceptibility to excessive drug taking (for example, binge-drinking),  through the integration of systems genetics and systems neuroscience techniques. We record the neural activity of large populations of neurons in the brains of model organisms engaged in drug-taking behavior (see below), and then explore the molecular genetics behind the brain activity that we record. A main goal of this work is to identify and target the biological systems regulating excessive drug taking, to decrease or eliminate it.