By Cindy Foster

SRMC Health Fair Aims for “One Stop Shopping” for Basic Healthcare Screenings

Hundreds of participants are expected to visit UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center on Saturday, Nov. 3, to receive on-site mammograms and free flu shots and undergo a host a free primary care screenings at SRMC's Annual Health Fair. But that's just for starters. Community service booths will also offer resources for everything from senior care to tax help.

Need a mammogram? Participants will be able to self-refer for a mammogram on-site. SRMC staff will also be there to help coordinate for reimbursement costs and to send the results to primary care providers. Many other routine screenings will also be available.

"We know our location can save time and money for Sandoval County residents in rural areas," SRMC CEO Jamie Silva-Steele. "We have worked to centralize a number of primary care services so they can receive a number of health screenings, including free flu shots, with just one trip here."

The Health Fair, which will run from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., will also feature 40 booths offering resources and screenings - but no sales pitches, said Abigayl Camacho, SRMC's communications and community outreach specialist.

"We are a non-solicitation institution, and all of our vendors are chosen strictly for the benefit their participation will bring to our participants," she said.

SRMC is located at 3001 Broadmore NE in Rio Rancho. Entrance is free and all are invited, she added.