By José Rodriguez

Student Supporter

Dean Donald Godwin Receives Award From the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Donald A. Godwin, PhD, Dean of the UNM College of Pharmacy, has been awarded the James Robertson, Jr. Leadership Excellence in Student Services Award from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Student Services Special Interest Group.

Godwin was selected for the award on account of his extensive history of implementing student affairs programming to uplift his student body, his record of contributions to the Student Affairs Special Interest Group, his outstanding commitment to the profession of pharmacy and his fulfillment of "Standard 14: Student Services" of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education accreditation standards.

The award was presented to Godwin virtually during the AACP Student Services Special Interest Group business meeting.

"I am honored and deeply humbled to receive this award, particularly since I was selected by my AACP peers who work in the various areas of student services," Godwin said.

"Working with students and assisting them in their journey to become a pharmacist is my passion. I receive as much from students as I give. Watching them grow as leaders in state and national organizations, as well as in health systems and community pharmacies, lets me know that the College is fulfilling its mission."

Godwin also credited the College's student affairs team for their efforts.

"I need to thank everyone who has worked in the Office of Student Affairs over the last 15 years, and especially my two incredible directors of Student Services, Megan Thompson and Krystal Ward," he said. "I could not have accomplished what I have accomplished without them."

Miel Johnson ('21), immediate past president of the UNM student chapter of the American Pharmacists Association, hailed Godwin for his support for student pharmacists.

"Prior to his becoming dean of the College, he encouraged students from across the state to apply to the Pharmacy program and would personally give tours of the campus," Johnson said. "Throughout my time in the pharmacy program, he has physically been present at numerous health screenings, educational presentations and student-organized events to support our efforts in the community."

Jennifer Rose ('21), immediate past president of the UNM student chapter of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, said Godwin has worked to bridge the gap between students and pharmacists working in the community.

"He has been a huge advocate for students to take every opportunity to go to events in which pharmacists are present in order for students to network and grow into successful student pharmacists during the program - events like the NMSHP Fall Balloon Symposium and Residency Showcase," she said.

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