UNM Hospitals Helps Out Little Ones and Their Families with Book Club

You Can Help By Donating Books to the Neonatal Intensive Care and Intermediate Care Nursery Units

The UNM Children's Hospital - New Born Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Care Nursery (NBICU/ICN) Book Club - provides books to parents with babies in the NBICU/ICN units on the first Friday of every month.
To encourage the parents to read to their newborns they are given a book to keep. Research at the McGill University Health center showed that moms and dads who read to their little one are more likely to go home and continue reading.
In the NBICU, sometimes parents cannot touch their babies and can only talk to them, this program allows parents a way to bond with their newborn through reading. It also supports their language development, even while in the womb babies are exposed to communication. Everything you say, they hear! When a little one is born early they can lose out on language exposure. Babies can also tune into the rhythm of the parents voice, helping their brains to map how language works and studies have shown that it can also have physiological benefits.
You can click here to donate:, drop off childrens books at the Front Desk of the NBICU at UNM Hospital or contact Carla Anaya at (505) 313-7671 and
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