By Furhana Afrid

UNM pediatrician: give the gift of a healthy brain

Looking for last minute holiday gift ideas for the kids in your life? A UNM Hospital pediatrician is recommending "the gift of a healthy brain."

Heather Pratt-Chavez, MD, suggests presents that stimulate the mind and promote growth and development. Simple, fun and inexpensive gifts like jump ropes, hoola hoops and soccer balls encourage children to head outside and stay active.

"These gifts will get your children out of the house and exercise is always good for everyone in the family," she says.

Another head-friendly idea? Helmets keep children safe on bikes, scooters and skateboards, and they can also spur creative expression. "Kids can customize them and really enjoy wearing their helmets," says Pratt-Chavez.

She adds that books encourage good reading habits, and give kids a break from digital distractions. "There is something wonderful about reading a book with your child or encouraging them to sit with a book and read," Pratt-Chavez says.

The UNM pediatrician also encourages families to visit giving trees that offer gift ideas for children in need, helping families gain some perspective on gifts that are meaningful, valuable and last for a long time.

UNM Hospital Pediatrician: Give the Gift of a Healthy Brain from UNM Health Sciences Center on Vimeo.

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