HSC Smoke-Free Policy

Effective Date: April 14, 2007


The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNMHSC) is committed to the promotion of health, which includes the prevention of disease as well as its treatment. Smoking is a major cause of preventable disease and death. It also presents an unacceptable fire risk within health care facilities. For these reasons, it is the policy of the UNMHSC that smoking is not permitted by anyone within or on the grounds of UNMHSC owned or operated facilities, except for UNMH patients in designated smoking areas.


  1. The Executive Vice President for Health Sciences will ensure there is a communication plan to reasonably assure that any person having a need to be on UNMHSC property will be aware of the policy. This will include ensuring posting of no smoking signage in various visible locations throughout UNMHSC.
  2. UNMHSC will provide educational services to faculty, staff, students, and patients about the hazards of smoking and information and services on quitting smoking. The University encourages support groups on campus for smokers in the process of quitting smoking and is committed to providing resources.
  3. Enforcement of this policy is a shared responsibility of ALL UNMHSC personnel. The success of reducing environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) requires thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation between smokers and non-smokers. Individuals concerned about the presence of ETS in prohibited areas should report their concerns to their supervisor, building coordinator or security. The supervisor will work with the parties involved to resolve the matter. Title: Smoke-Free Environment Policy Policy Patient Age Group: ( ) N/A ( X) All Ages ( ) Newborns ( ) Pediatric ( ) Adult Applies To: All HSC Component(s): All Responsible Department: N/A


This policy applies to anyone within or on the grounds of UNMHSC owned or operated facilities. Anyone who violates the Smoke-Free Environment Policy may be subject to administrative action. The Executive Vice President for Health Sciences will be responsible for identifying complaint mechanisms and associated administrative actions. POLICY AUTHORITY The Executive Vice President for Health Sciences is the approving authority for this policy.


The New Mexico Clean Indoor Air Act (Sections 24-16-1 through 24-16-11 NMSA 1978), effective January 1, 1986, requires that all state, county, and city-owned or leased buildings establish and implement a smoking policy to protect the health of visitors, patients, and workers in these buildings. University Business Policy 2250, Smoking on University Property, prohibits smoking in certain areas including anywhere within or on the grounds of UNMHSC owned or operated facilities.


The policy has been reformatted to prohibit smoking within or on any UNMHSC facilities or grounds as defined in the Policy Statement.


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