HSC Implementation of UNM Policy C140

Health Sciences Center Procedures regarding UNM Faculty Policy C140


Approved by Paul B. Roth, MD, Executive Vice President for Health Sciences, 17 November 2008

Full-time faculty members in the HSC are obligated to provide 100% of their effort within the University to those duties that have been assigned to them by their department chair or equivalent. HSC faculty members may not have efforts that exceed 1.0 FTE, and my not receive contract salaries in excess of their full-time institutional contract salaries.

All of an HSC faculty member’s teaching, research, and other activities within the University are considered to be “normal contractual [departmental] duties” as construed by this policy. As such, no such duties may be rewarded by “extra compensation.”

If an academic unit of the University, either inside or outside the HSC, wants an HSC faculty member to teach or provide other services outside of the primary department, and if the faculty member wishes to provide the services, the department chairs or equivalents must negotiate an agreement that includes the fractional amount of faculty effort, the start and end dates, and the interdepartmental transfer of funds (if appropriate) to cover the faculty member’s efforts in the non-primary department. If it is appropriate under the specific terms agreed upon, the faculty member may be relieved of normal duties in proportion to the effort required in the non-primary department.