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The HSC Recruitment, Retention, and Outreach Committee represents UNM HSC offices, colleges and programs that strengthen collaborations to increase student recruitment, retention and outreach efforts throughout New Mexico.

Recruitment / Hiring / Promotion / Retention


Below are a few short videos promoting diversity at UNM


As we move into an increasingly evidence-based health care system, it becomes critical for providers to embrace data for numerous reasons. 

  1. Meaningful data allows providers and hospital staff to make informed decisions to improve the quality of care we deliver.
  2. Grouping data from different areas allows facilities to see the bigger picture.
  3. Quality data means higher facility performance.

Below are links to the wealth of data available at our organization.

Diversity Literature

Literature is important in everyday life because it connects individuals with larger truths and ideas in a society. Literature creates a way for people to record their thoughts and experiences in a way that is accessible to others, through fictionalized accounts of the experience.

Below are some great reads:

Diversity Training Offerings

Below are the courses offered at various entities within our organization.  You can sign up for trainings via Learning Central

HSC ODEI Student Programs

UNMH offerings presented by Diversity Equity and Inclusion

  • Diversity & Cultural Humility for Leaders (DEI 107)
  • Diversity & Cultural Humility I (DEI 683)
  • Diversity & Cultural Humility II (DEI 731)
  • Diversity & Intercultural Competence for Leaders (DEI 107)

UNMH offerings presented by Computer Learning and Technology

  • Diversity Training (CLT 1805)
  • Diversity Training for New Hires (CLT 1805 NH)

UNMH offering presented by Clinical Education

Addressing Spirituality and Culture in Nursing Practice (CE 195)

Medical Group offerings

  • Culture and Diversity (UNMMG 1806)

SRMC offerings

  • Culture and Diversity (SRMC 1806)

UNM “Professional Development” Diversity Classes

  • Diversity Training (SSW EOD 1003)
  • Diversity Skills for Collaboration (EOD 1003)
  • Responding to Diversity Workshop (FSDE 104)

UNM “for credit” Diversity Classes

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