Faculty Mentorship Program

Advancing Institutional Mentoring Excellence

The AIME team’s work lays out a clear path for enhancing the HSC’s cultural diversity by investing in human capital, realizing a longtime dream of mine. I strongly believe that transforming our culture along these lines will benefit our patients, learners and the community at large — and it reflects our maturity as an institution.

We all owe the AIME team a debt of gratitude for their thoughtful recommendations and a job well done.

Warm regards,

Paul B. Roth, MD, MS

Chancellor for Health Sciences

CEO, UNM Health System

Dean, UNM School of Medicine

AIME Pilot Project

As the co-directors of the AIME Mentorship Pilot Project, we are deeply grateful to the many collaborators, partners, and, most emphatically, the participants who shared their stories and gave time and expertise to this initiative. We have endeavored to be faithful to the aspirations articulated by faculty of color who provided the impetus for this mentoring project. We conclude that AIME increases the capacity of the HSC to recognize and cultivate the range of competencies and untapped talents of a diverse faculty.

As an Institutional Review Board-approved pilot project, AIME was by design small and time-limited, with 14 mentees and 24 mentors who interacted over one year. Even so, the project’s outcomes provide fresh information, new tools and evaluation metrics that can be used to strengthen mentoring relationships throughout the HSC.

Margaret Montoya, J.D.

Professor Emerita of Law and

Former Senior Adviser to Chancellor

Valerie Romero-Leggott, M.D.

Vice-Chancellor for Diversity

Principal Investigator, AIME

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