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UNM Shared Flow Cytometry

MSC 09 5025
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Cancer Research Facility (CRF; building 229)
Room 217

Phone: (505) 272-0835

UNM Shared Flow Cytometry and High Throughput Screening Resource


The HyperCyt®high-throughput flow cytometry platform interfaces a flow cytometer and autosampler. As the sampling probe of the autosampler moves from one well to the next of a multi-well microplate, a peristaltic pump sequentially aspirates sample particle suspensions from each well. Between wells, the continuously running pump draws a bubble of air into the sample line. This results in the generation of a tandem series of bubble-separated samples for delivery to the flow cytometer. Sample and bubble volumes are determined by the time that the autosampler probe is in a microplate well or above a well intaking air. Accurate quantitative measurements have been demonstrated in endpoint assays at rates of 20 to 40 samples/min over a 4-decade range of fluorescence intensity using input cell concentrations of 1–20 million/mL and source well volumes of 5-15 uL. Typical sample volumes of 1-2 uL allow scarce quantities of test cells or reagents to be efficiently used.

As the air bubble-separated samples are delivered in a continuous stream to the flow cytometer, the data are likewise collected in a continuous stream, the accumulated data from all wells of a microplate representing a single data file. The time-resolved data, with periodic gaps corresponding to the passage of the sample-separating air bubbles, are analyzed by proprietary software developed at UNM. HyperCyt®technology has been licensed by IntelliCyt Corporation ( and a commercial platform is currently available that is compatible with most commercial flow cytometry instruments.

In 2005, the New Mexico Molecular Libraries Screening Center, specializing in high throughput flow cytometry screening with the HyperCyt®platform, was selected as 1 of 10 institutions in the USA to participate in the pilot phase of the NIH-sponsored Molecular Libraries Screening Network, an NIH Roadmap initiative. The NMMLSC has since been renamed theUniversity of New Mexico Center for Molecular Discovery (UNMCMD)and selected in 2009 to participate in the production phase of the NIH screening initiative, the Molecular Libraries Probe Production Centers Network (MLPCN). The goal of this national network is to produce innovative chemical probes for use in biological research and drug development.

To date descriptions and results of more than 100 HyperCyt®screening projects have been published on the publicly accessible PubChem website ( These results represent a total of more than 4 million quantitative fluorescence measurements of biological interactions with small molecule compounds from the NIH Small Molecule Repository.

HyperCyt Drawing

HyperCyt in Action

Example of HyperCyt time-resolved Data


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