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UNM Shared Flow Cytometry

MSC 09 5025
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Cancer Research Facility (CRF; building 229)
Room 217

Phone: (505) 272-0835


The UNM Shared Flow Cytometry and High Throughput Screening Resource provides a diversity of flow cytometry services to members of the UNM Cancer Research and Treatment Center, Health Sciences Center and Main Campus.

Services include quantitative flow cytometric fluorescence measurements (e.g., cell membrane and intracellular proteins, intracellular ions, DNA content and cell cycle, apoptosis, cell adhesion, receptor-ligand binding kinetics), high speed sterile sorting of cells to isolate physiologically intact cell subpopulations, single cell deposition into microplate wells for cloning or PCR, solution based fluorescence spectroscopy, and automated high throughput screening and microvolume flow cytometry bioassays. In addition, aid for data analysis is available including access to various analysis softwares, i.e., FlowJo software.