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To apply to the Dental Hygiene Masters Degree program, apply online at the American Dental Education Association Dental Hygiene Centralized Application Service (ADEA/DHCAS) website.

To apply to the University of New Mexico, contact:
The University of New Mexico
Office of Graduate Studies
Humanities Building, Suite Room 107
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Phone: 505-277-2711

For further information, view our brochure [PDF] or contact:

The University of New Mexico
Division of Dental Hygiene

Attn: Christine Nathe, RDH, MS, Graduate Program Director
900 Yale Blvd. NE
Albuquerque,  NM 87131 
Phone: 505-272-8147
Fax: 505-272-5584 

Online Master of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene

The University of New Mexico offers a Master of Science in Dental Hygiene in continuation to the Bachelor Degree in Dental Hygiene. The Master of Science Degree Program in Dental Hygiene is intended to develop dental hygienists to teach, develop dental health programs in a variety of settings, conduct research and provide care as collaborative dental hygiene practitioners throughout New Mexico. 

The purpose of this program is consistent with UNM's mission, which is to educate students by developing their intellectual and creative skills and capabilities so students may be well equipped to participate in the world as productive and enlightened individuals.

The Master of Science Degree Program in Dental Hygiene will enable the graduate-level prepared dental hygienist to:

  • Build on the knowledge gained in baccalaureate degree dental hygiene
  • Prepare and specialize in dental hygiene
  • Enhance decision-making skills by participating in graduate-level dental hygiene courses
  • Develop problem-solving skills for independent dental hygiene practice
  • Contribute to the dental hygiene scientific body of knowledge
  • Conduct research and theory development in the dental hygiene sciences
  • Expand the scope of general knowledge by participating in University elective courses
  • Provide career opportunities in alternative practice settings
  • Build a foundation for future doctoral education in related disciplines
  • Develop collegiate relationships with practicing health care professionals
  • Participate in graduate dental hygiene internship experiences in educational settings, rural areas, industry and community outreach sites.