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Friday mornings are reserved for didactic teaching and educational conferences. No clinical activity is scheduled during this time, and attendance on the part of the attendings and residents is mandatory. Additional education time is reserved on Wednesday afternoons and residents are released from clinical activities in order to attend. Conferences held during these educational times occur on a rotating basis and include:

Interesting Case Conference:

  • On Friday mornings, house staff and faculty gather to discuss interesting cases from the inpatient services. The emphasis is on diagnostic and management issues and incorporates a strong evidence-based approach by utilizing web-based databases in real time.

Grand Rounds:

  • Residents and attendings give grand rounds on a rotating basis. Local experts and national speakers are also invited to give talks on occasion.

Core Curriculum:

  • This conference emphasizes education by reviewing either textbooks, COCLIA (Comprehensive Otolaryngologic Curriculum Learning through Interactive Approach), SIPACS or other available educational material. Faculty sub-specialists participate in the discussions, which are led by the residents.

Morbidity and Mortality/Patient Safety Conference:

  • Every week, house staff and attendings participate in this conference, which includes report and analysis of interesting cases, adverse events, and unusual diagnoses. Patient safety and quality improvement projects and issues are discussed and addressed.

Head and Neck Tumor Board:

  • Oncology patients are discussed in this multi-disciplinary setting with Hematology-Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Dentistry, Pathology, Radiology and other involved sub-specialties. Patients are presented by residents and attendings.

Systems-Based Practice Seminars:

  • A series of interactive seminars incorporating the business of medicine and the functioning of the practitioner and patient within the context of the greater medical system. Topics include billing and reimbursement, contracting, managing personal and professional finances, applying for a job and a variety of others.


  • The UNM Health Sciences Center hosts a bi-monthly ethics seminar series for all residents. Topics have included “end of life” issues, physician assisted suicide, ethics of genetic testing, professionalism and a variety of other topics.

Clinical Basics Lecture Series:

  • This series of lectures is given every July-August and is designed to introduce new residents to the "must-know" information of the specialty. Emphasis is placed on emergency procedures and patient evaluation.


  • Residents and attending spend this conference with a staff pathologist reviewing normal histology, histopathology, and recent cases from the service.

Temporal Bone Lab:

  • Residents drill temporal bones from our ample supply. Our Neurotology/Otology faculty lead the drilling. There are currently three stations with plans to expand to six.

Journal Club:

  • This monthly conference is led by an attending who picks the articles and topic. The conference is occasionally held at a local restaurant and always encourages lively discussion.