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Apply for Otolaryngology Residency

Application deadline for the Otolaryngology Residency Program  is Nov. 15. Applications are accepted only through  ERAS.

Residency Coordinator
Pearl Benavidez
(505) 272-4161

Requirements and Benefits


To be eligible for a training position, a physician must be a graduate of an LCME accredited medical school in the United States or Canada or an AOA accredited osteopathic school in the United States. Graduates of international medical schools must hold a current valid ECFMG certificate, or possess a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the state of New Mexico, or have completed a Fifth Pathway program in an LCME accredited medical school. Physicians who are not U.S. citizens must have a valid work authorization on a J-1 visa. All J-1 Visas are sponsored by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. No other visas are accepted for training at UNM in Graduate Medical Education. This requirement is consistent with the AAMC guidelines for Graduate Medical Education programs. House officers who are unable to obtain initial sponsorship of a J-1 visa through the ECFMG within thirty (30) days of their start date may be released from the training program. Eligibility for training at UNM does not guarantee future eligibility for granting of an unrestricted professional license by the New Mexico Medical Board.


UNM sponsored programs participate in the National Residency Matching Program and other specialty matches to fill their positions. The University is an Equal Opportunity employer and makes selections based on the preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials, communication skills, and personal qualities such as motivation and integrity. Programs do not discriminate with regard to sex, race, age, religion, color, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, ancestry, or medical conditions or ACGME required status.

Additional Otolaryngology Division Requirement

Applicants must submit an application for residency through the ERAS program to the Division of Otolaryngology

All applications to the University of New Mexico Otolaryngology training program are reviewed by the faculty. Prospective residents must attend an interview to be considered for a residency position. All positions offered for residency training will be through the ERAS matching program.


Residents will hold a limited license to practice medicine in the state of New Mexico. After completion of your intern year, it is mandatory that you apply and take your USMLE Step 3. It is advisable to apply for a Public Service License through the New Mexico Board of Medical Examiners.

Professional Liability Insurance

The New Mexico Tort Claims Act regulates professional liability insurance for residents. It is provided for physicians in training in accordance with the Act. This coverage does not extend outside the training program.


Dental insurance is available to residents and their dependents. Health insurance is provided for residents, and their dependents and qualifying domestic partners at a small cost. There is no deductible or co-payment for most services provided at the medical center. Life insurance is provided to residents at no cost. Long-term disability insurance is provided to residents at no cost.


Salary 2018-2019
  • HO I
    • $52,329 + $100/night of night call
  • HO II
    • $54,026
  • HO III
    • $55,992
  • HO IV
    • $58,064
  • HO V
    • $60,579
  • Meal card: $1400
  • OMFS Night Call: $350/night split in pool between all residents


All residents receive a meal stipend (2018-19: $1400) via a badge-based credit system.


Sick leave = 21 days/year – not transferable to next year
Vacation leave = 21 days/year – not transferable to next yearUsually 9 day blocks, option to split 1 week into 2 long weekends
Approximately 7 additional days off during winter holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years
Education Leave= 5 days per year
Bereavement Leave = 3 days per year
Professional Leave (Interviews) = 5 days per residency
Maternity and Paternity Leave = 2 weeks of leave. Additional leave may be discussed and approved by the Program Director.

Books and Loupes

A minimum allowance of four hundred and fifty dollars is provided to each otolaryngology resident per year for educational purposes
Because many of the cases performed during residency will require loupes for adequate visualization of operative structures, the Division of Otolaryngology will pay for one set of operative loupes during training.