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Residents may choose to work with an attending on a project specific to that attending’s specialty, however residents are encouraged to pursue their research interests, including collaborative projects outside of the Department of Surgery. Residents are provided the opportunity to present their research at the yearly regional OHNS conference in Albuquerque; in addition, residents are encouraged and provided with financial support to present at other regional and national meetings. The general schedule of research is outlined below:


Work with faculty to identify research opportunities; perform background research, create research proposal for planned project(s), planning for grants/materials.


Oral presentation to division faculty on proposed research project; evaluation of project and feedback obtained. One month of protected research time to initiate project.  Resident is responsible for interval progress reports and ongoing faculty support is provided.        


Dedicated 2 months of protected research time. Preparation of data for presentation and publication.


Presentation of final progress report; this is a 20-minute presentation focusing on research process to educate and benefit other resident researchers within the division.


Completion of unfinished manuscripts and submission of completed projects for publication. Articulate plan for passing on unfinished projects to junior residents.