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Senior Health

When you go in for your appointment at UNM Senior Health Center, you’ll notice that the staff makes a point of spending extra time with you and your family.

As the only senior health center in Albuquerque that treats folks 75 years and older, our UNM Health System staff takes special care of patients who are frail, elderly and/or living with dementia.

You’ll get to know your multidisciplinary team made up of physicians, nurses and medical experts who specialize in working with seniors in areas such as pharmacy, psychology, physical therapy, social work and more.

Our Services

In addition to the Falls Clinic, which is designed for patients who have frequent falls, we hold family conferences for complex, older patients. Other services include:

Contact Us

Phone: 505-272-1754

Find easy parking at our location
1101 Medical Arts NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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