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Information about COVID-19

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center is closely monitoring the emerging global public health concern related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) through trusted authorities including the  New Mexico Department of Health,  Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)U.S. Department of State and the  World Health Organization.

We are working in coordination with UNM leadership to maintain a safe and healthy learning, working and clinical environment for all of our students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors. This webpage provides updates relevant to the UNM Health Sciences community along with links to various resources available to students, faculty, staff, patients and community members.

COVID-19 Health Hotline

The New Mexico Department of Health and the New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center are operating an information hotline – 1-855-600-3453 – for the public and health care professionals with questions about the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.



COVID-19 Info. Hotline

Please use this number for all non-health related questions rather than the health hotline.


Main Campus COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Health Hotline FAQs

  • Provides health guidance if you think you might be experiencing symptoms of the novel coronavirus, including dry cough, high fever or shortness of breath. You should call the hotline first  before seeking medical treatment.

  • May recommend that people self-isolate, particularly if they’re experiencing symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 infection. Operators will help them determine the next best step.

  • Offers guidance to health care providers seeking to test a patient or who have questions about the novel coronavirus.

It does not issue clearances to return to work – that is up to each individual’s employer to decide.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Department of Health are strongly discouraging non-essential travel outside of the state at this time. Meanwhile:

  • Remain home from work or school if you are sick and call the hotline at  1-855-600-3453 if you experience any COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Continuetaking common-sense steps to protect your health and the health of others, such as covering your cough or sneeze and washing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Please be aware there are several phishing scams where the caller impersonates a representative from the COVID-19 Hotline or other medical entity. The scammer is asking for personal information like social security and date of birth, telling callers they must have that information in order to release COVID-19 testing results.

Representatives from UNM Health, Presbyterian and Lovelace Health System want to remind the public that we will never ask for your social security number. Any confirmation of a positive COVID-19 swab test will be made by the clinic where you were seen or the New Mexico Department of Health.

HSC Policies and Guidelines

Effective March 19, 2020, all buildings on the HSC campus will be badge access only. This safety measure will continue through our extended period of limited operations on campus.

Effective March 21, 2020, no visitors will be admitted into UNM Hospital, with the few exceptions you can see here.

In accordance with NM Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Public Health Order of March 23, 2020, gatherings of five or more people are prohibited. Departments should use video and phone conferencing whenever possible for interviews and other meetings. If you need to cancel events or guests, we have created a template to help communicate that information.

Please visit  NM Department of Health website to see the latest guidelines regarding travel.

Please visit  UNM Event Registration website to register an upcoming event(s).

You can access this registration with or without a login (MyUNM ID). Please do so and enter the requested information.

In response to UNM HSC canceling of all university related travel, employees are eligible to receive reimbursement for travel costs paid for personally for a conference that was canceled due to COVID-19.

  • Reimbursement will be allowed with proper documentation and receipts.

  • The department is responsible for tracking and monitoring any unused available airfare credit to ensure that any future use of unused flight credit is for a University business purpose.

  • Employees who have incurred travel costs related to a cancelled trip should contact the airline or hotel vendor for a refund or to change the ticket for future travel. Some airlines are waiving change fees in response to COVID-19 claims and cancellations. An updated listing of US airlines that are waiving fees over COVID-19 can be found  here.

For additional information visit the Guidance for UNM regarding COVID-19 website.

Travel FAQ

University-paid travel will recommence on May 16, 2021, returning to normal travel approvals and other requirements in UBP 4030

UNM Health Sciences Center is following the UNM Health System travel guidance. UNM Health Sciences continues to advise against unnecessary travel, both business and personal.

Health Sciences will continue to follow CDC and NM Department of Health guidance on intrastate and international travel.

Potential travel, including extramurally-funded travel, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This evaluation will be made by the immediate supervisor. Exceptions related to extramural funding must first be approved in writing by the appropriate Principal Investigator and sponsoring agency (where applicable).

Required learner travel on a limited basis for required rotations, both incoming and outgoing, is currently allowed as essential. Please consult with the appropriate Dean and refer to Out-of-State and High-Prevalence Area Rotations for House Officers and Out-of-State and High-Prevalence Area Rotations for HSC Students.

Learners completing essential required rotations will be allowed to travel into the state. They must follow all quarantine orders and COVID-19 safe practices. This includes requiring all visitors be asymptomatic when they begin their travel, wearing a mask and practicing careful personal hygiene during the trip. They must also be screened for symptoms each day before coming to campus.

Incoming visitors from out of state conducting business-related activities will be accommodated and COVID-19 safe practices must be followed.

Employees should not gather in groups larger than 10 individuals per the State’s Red-Yellow-Green-Turquoise framework. In-person meetings must take place in large spaces (e.g., conference rooms) that will accommodate physical distancing of at least 3 feet between attendees. Masks must be worn at all times except when consuming food or drink.

Yes, travel beyond May 15, 2021, may be scheduled; however, it may be subject to cancellation if there is a change in the NM Department of Health’s travel guidelines. As has always been the case, supervisors will be responsible for approving travel (UAP 4030: Travel). Should circumstances change and travel needs to be cancelled, travelers should attempt to obtain a refund directly from airlines, conference host, and/or any other travel-related vendor.

No. Employees should contact Occupational Health at 505.515.8212 for additional guidance. Because travel advice and high-incidence areas change constantly, please check here for the latest information.


Out-of-state travel: 

  • All out-of-state travel must be reported to the COVID Call Center at 505.515.8212.
  • Fully vaccinated: No quarantine requirement. A 14-day symptoms survey required.
  • Unvaccinated/partially vaccinated: Quarantine required for states with incidence >10/100,000 or test positivity rate =/> than 7.5%

International travel: 

  • All international travel must be reported to the COVID Call Center.
  • Quarantine from work required. A 14-day symptoms survey required.

Please contact Occupational Health at 505.515.8212 for additional guidance on travel and follow their recommendations.

Yes. All out-of-state and international travel must be reported to the COVID Call Center at 505.515.8212.

UNM will not reopen the Travel Portal. and employees with questions may continue to contact the Occupational Health at 505.515.8212 for advice.

Should the resulting quarantine or upon advice from Occupational Health to self-isolate have an impact on your ability to perform your job duties (i.e., unable to telecommute), you may use accrued sick or annual leave, or other leave available, to cover the period that you cannot return to campus.

UNM Hospitals, SRMC and UNMMG have their own Human Resources systems and policies, and those employees may draw from any category of accrued leave to cover their quarantine time.

No. Annual leave requests will be determined in accordance with UAP Policy 3400, § 5, as it relates to staff employees, Faculty Handbook Policy C-50 as to faculty, and/or applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Staff and faculty are not asked about the purpose for leave when they request annual leave.