Dr. Campbell began her education by earning her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, as well as a minor in psychology, at New Mexico Tech. She then completed both her medical school education as well as her pediatric residency at University of New Mexico in 2017. She has remained for her post-graduate career in New Mexico because of her commitment to serve the pediatric population in her home state. Since joining the faculty of the UNM Pediatric Department in 2017, she has demonstrated involvement not only in her own department, but more broadly in the School of Medicine through involvement in medical student education on several different levels. She has also continued with her clinical commitment to providing medical care to the pediatric population, and worked to understand the community in which she serves in order to enhance the care she provides to her patients.

Personal Statement

My mission as a doctor can truly best be described by stating that I am a general pediatrician, who is invested in caring for my home community. I began my educational journey at New Mexico Tech, and then traveled to UNM for my medical training. Along this path, I have developed an ever-strengthening commitment to the pediatric population of New Mexico, which influenced my decision to stay at UNM for my post-graduate career. I chose to practice as a general pediatrician doing primary care, because this position best serves my goals of providing medical care to the children in my community and caring for them as they grow. Throughout my education, I have also discovered a personal interest in being involved in medical education. This is an area that I have been able to explore and cultivate while at UNM. I have been able to pursue this interest by being a co-director of the third year pediatric clerkship. I also enjoy the daily interactions that I have with medical students, which allow for bed-side teaching in addition to more formal interactions through my clerkship role. Recently, I have also begun to be involved in various aspects of resident education, and am finding this fits into my interests well, and is as equally rewarding as medical student education. I am involved in research that also addresses some of the common issues of our population, by being involved in a multi-center research project which is examining the link between obesity, asthma and vitamin D levels in children. I hope that through research like this project, through educating medical students and residents and education my patients as well, I will be able to be a part of improving health for not only the pediatric population that I care for and the pediatric population in general. As I progress through my career as an academic pediatrician, I plan to continue to seek out and gain involvement in other projects and activities that will allow me to continue on this path.

Areas of Specialty

General Pediatrics


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