Key Publications

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Trafficking of T cells is crucial for every phase of T cell function from the initiation of the immune response to effector function at the site of inflammation. T cells move into the lymph node, where they move through the tissue to maximize the chances of encountering an antigen bearing dendritic cell. Once activated, T cells then migrate to inflammatory sites to perform effector functions to clear infection.

T cell migration has also been shown to be an important mediator of disease states including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. While the process of T cell migration is critical to immune function, relatively little is known about the precise behavior of T cells in the lymph node and the specific molecules that control T cell migration.

The Cannon laboratory is focused on defining and understanding the fundamental mechanisms that control T cell migration to and within lymph nodes. We identified the glycoprotein CD43, PKCθ, as well as cytoskeletal regulatory proteins Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin (ERM) as regulators of T cell migration. We are also analyzing precisely how T cells move within lymph nodes.

We are using cutting edge 2 photon microscopy imaging techniques to visualize T cell movement in live tissue. In addition, we use a combination of flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, and standard biochemistry to understand the effect of signaling molecules on T cell trafficking. We are also beginning use live tissue imaging to visualize T cell movement in mouse lung infected with flu.

Interestingly, the same signals that drive T cell migration are shared by T-ALL leukemia cells for metastasis. In collaboration with pediatric oncologists at UNM, we are also studying whether the same pathways that govern normal T cell migration may also play a role in leukemia cell metastasis. Again, using mouse models, we can visualize human leukemic cells in a mouse model to study what molecules might provide targets for leukemia migration.