Amy Clithero-Eridon is a faculty member in the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Dr. Clithero-Eridon has a PhD in Family Medicine from the University of Kwazulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa as well as a Masters of Business Administration with a health systems concentration (UNM Anderson School of Management) and a Masters level certification in Medical Education from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Personal Statement

In addition to teaching medical students about social determinants of health, health policy, and health services research, Dr. Clithero-Eridon participates in numerous educational research initiatives focusing on educational best practices, health services research, and social accountability within medical education. Dr. Clithero-Eridon is on the board of directors for the Network Towards Unity for Health ( as the North American Regional Representative, is the Co-Director of the UNMHSC WHO/PAHO Collaborating Center, the Director of health policy and health systems education for medical students, the scholarly activities Director for the Dept. of FCM, a member of the Training for Health Equity Network (, and the AMEE Aspire Academy( as well as the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (

Areas of Specialty

Specialization #1: Social accountability in medical education
Specialization #2: Health policy and healthcare systems
Specialization #3: Social determinants of health


Certification #1: Achievement in Medical Education Certification
Certification #2: Medical Education Research Certification
Certification #3: Advanced Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Certification #4: Professional Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Certification #5: Mastery Level Certification, Medical Education
Certification #6: Health Care Administration, School of Public Administration

Achievements & Awards

Learning Environment Champion, 2020

Faculty Scholarship Award, 2020

Practical Immersion Experience Community Immersion Reader of the Year, 2019

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Medical Student Education Poster Recognition Award 2013

AMC Western Regional Conference Poster Session winner for Student Affairs Category 2011

Key Publications

Journal Article
Han, Heeyoung, Clithero-Eridon, Amy, Costa, Manuel , 2021 On Pandemics and Pivots: A COVID Reflection on Envisioning the Future of Medical Education Korean Journal of Medical Education, vol. 33, Issue 4, 393-404
Journal Article
De Maeseneer, J, Clithero-Eridon, Amy, DeKempeneer, A, Kaufman, Arthur, Bor, D, Cameron, I, Woollard, R, Strasser, R, Burdick, W, Torres, N, 2019 A network of networks: 40 years of uniting global agendas toward universal health and equitable care. Education for health (Abingdon, England), vol. 32, Issue 1, 36-40
Journal Article
Clithero-Eridon, Amy, Albright, Danielle, Ross, A, 2020 Conceptualising social accountability as an attribute of medical education. African journal of primary health care & family medicine, vol. 12, Issue 1, e1-e8
Journal Article
Clithero-Eridon, Amy, Fleg, Anthony, Harris, Jaryse, Markham, Ray, Shore, Xin, Myers, Orrin, Woollard, Robert, 2021 Pandemic Positives: A Mixed Methods Exploration of Global Perspectives International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health, vol. 1, Issue 1
Journal Article
Woolley, T, Clithero-Eridon, Amy, Elsanousi, S, Othman, A, B 2019 Does a socially-accountable curriculum transform health professional students into competent, work-ready graduates? A cross-sectional study of three medical schools across three countries. Medical teacher, vol. 41, Issue 12, 1427-1433




  • English

Courses Taught

Interprofessional Students - Global Education
International Health Care Systems, the Next Generation. A Comparison of Health Care Systems and the Good Practices on Different Levels”. A bi-monthly online course for interprofessional health students from around the world.

Medical Student Courses
1st year students:
-Health of New Mexico small group facilitator

2nd year students:
-Practical Immersion Experience Narrative Strand Mentor

3rd year students:
- Health Policy, Advocacy and Healthcare Systems

4th year students:
- Comprehensive Ambulatory Care (ethics presentation evaluator)
- Medicine in New Mexico
- Health Services Research Elective

Post-Graduate Courses
-Health Services Research, Masters of Science in Clinical and Translational Research Program, BioMedical Science

Research and Scholarship

Book Chapters
Cobb, N., Clithero, A., Cristobal, F., Fisher, J., Larkins, S., Middleton, L., Neusy, A.J., Preston, R., Ross, S., Strasser, R., Sollomon-Middleton, L., Woolley, T. The Health Professions Educator: A Practical Guide for New and Established Faculty. “Nurturing Social Accountability and Community Engagement” Chapter 38. Pp. 407-416. Published August 2017.

Clithero-Eridon A, Crandall C, Ross A. Future medical student practice intentions: The South African experience. Medical Education. Accepted November 2020

Clithero-Eridon A, Albright D, Ross A. Conceptualizing Social Accountability as a Quality of Medical Education Afr J Prm Health Care Fam Med. 2020: 12(1), a2213. DOI:

Woolley T, Clithero-Eridon, A, Elsanousi S, Othman A. Does a socially-accountable curriculum transform health professional students into competent, work-ready graduates? A cross-sectional study of three medical schools. Medical Teacher. Aug. 2019. DOI: 10.1080/0142159X.2019.1646417

Clithero, A., Ross, S., Middleton, L., Reeve, C., and Neusy A.J. “Perspective: Improving Community Health Using an Outcome Oriented CQI Approach to Community-engaged Health Professions Education” Frontiers in Public Health. Vol. 5 (26). February 2017.

Palsdottier, B., Barry, J., Bruno, A., Barr, H., Clithero, A., Cobb, N., Maeseneer, J., Kiguli-Malwadde, E., Neusy, A.J., Reeves, S., Strasser, R., and Worley P. (2016) “Training for Impact: The socio-economic impact of a fit for purpose health workforce on communities.” Human Resources for Health. 2016;14(1):49.