Dr. Dionne earned his BS in Occupational Science and MS in Occupational Therapy from the University at Buffalo in 2010 and worked at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (now Shirley Ryan Ability Lab) for 5 years. Then transitioned to Rehab Science PhD program at the University at Buffalo, completed in 2019.

Personal Statement

My research emphasis is on supporting therapists provided quality care, through knowledge dissemination and dissemination and implementation research methods. Improving expertise in occupational therapy across urban and rural settings and equity of knowledge are my top research priorities.

Areas of Specialty

Assistive Technology
Physical Agent Modalities
Dissemination and Implementation
Mixed-methods research design

Achievements & Awards

Buchanan Fellowship, 2014
Emerging Leadership Development Program (AOTA), 2014


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Courses Taught

Applied Neurorehabilitation