Harkins received a B.S degree in Biology (1988) from Texas A&M University. She received her MD degree (1992) from Southwestern University. Following her MD degree, she completed her internship in Delaware and then residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Maryland Medical Systems and a 3 year fellowship in Pulmonary/ Critical Care at University of New Mexico.

Personal Statement

My research interests initially involved clinical studies evaluating the mechanisms for asthma exacerbation and airway inflammation in severe asthmatics. I am co-director of the adult asthma clinic and continue to conduct clinical trials. Much of my clinical time is in the medical intensive care unit and I have an interest in Hantavirus research including longitudinal studies and patient outcomes and evaluating mechanisms of inflammation and further treatment options. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I have now focused on clinical trials for this disease. I also have an active role in Project Echo which is a telehealth program (initially in asthma, then Hantavirus and H1N1,Critical Care for the COVID-19 patient and now Post Covid PC Echo) that provides real time education and case discussions for the community providers.

Areas of Specialty

Critical Care


Diplomate, American Board of Pulmonary Medicine 11/98, exp. 12/2028 Diplomate, American Board of Critical Care 11/99, exp. 12/2029

Achievements & Awards

Top Doc by peers for Critical Care 2022 in The Albuquerque Magazine
Faculty Shero Award, UNM Health Sciences Center-leadership in Covid pandemic, 2020
Reg Strickland Award for outstanding service to Department of Internal Med 2020
Laureate Award NM Chapter, American College of Physicians 2015
FDA Pulmonary-Allergy Drug Advisory Committee: Member 2012-2018
ATS Outstanding Clinician Award, American Thoracic Society, Denver, May 2011




  • English

Research and Scholarship

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