Service and Teaching Interests
My clinical interests are diverse and include judicious use of antibiotics to avoid emergence of antibacterial resistance, appropriate use of the microbiology laboratory, and general infectious diseases. I emphasize the necessity of judicious antibiotic use as well as the importance of infection control measures including hand washing with house staff and students on my consult service.

My teaching interests include case-based discussions of basic topics in pediatric infectious diseases as well as how to choose empiric antibiotics using the “Host-Syndrome-Bug-Drug” model. I give several active learning sessions to the residents in their weekly resident school each year. For house-staff rotating on my clinical service, as time permits, I hold one-on-one interactive teaching sessions. Additionally, I supplement my initial written consultations with pertinent teaching articles that I have readily available for the house-staff and students on Pediatric Infectious Diseases and for the referring team as well.

I have become more involved in administrative issues in medical school since being appointed Assistant Dean of Students in the spring of 2008. I was the Co-Block Chair of the Phase I-2 Infectious Disease Block (spring 2010 - summer 2013), and Co-Chair of the BA/MD Committee for Curriculum, Student Progress (spring 2011 - spring 2014). Most of my efforts are now administrative, after my appointment as Associate Dean of Students (October 2013) and Co-Director of the Learning Communities (2013).

Effective July 1, 2020 I stepped down from clinical activities and am involved only in administration and teaching.