Received my PhD at the University of New Mexico in 1985 with an emphasis in psychology and special education.

Personal Statement

I have been working doing both clinical research neurodevelopment evaluations related to infants and toddlers born preterm and with perinatal drug exposures. My work in the NBICU as a Neonatal specialist focuses providing support to high risk babies and their parents. I work in the Department of Neonatology Special Baby Clinic providing developmental evaluation to infants who were in the NBICU. In addition I have been working on a variety of NIH grants that focus on the developmental sequelae of extreme prematurity and perinatal exposure to ETOH and opioids.

Areas of Specialty

Perinatal drug exposure Developmental sequelae of extreme prematurity Development of early working memory in preterm babies Emotional regulation in high risk babies


Developmental Specialist III Certified Diagnostician


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