I am dedicated to the attainment of excellence as it relates to my research, teaching and service duties within the UNM Health System.
As a Pediatric Infectious Diseases Faculty member, research is of great interest. I have recently become involved in three clinical trials and am looking forward to pursuing this aspect of my career. The anticipation of clinical discovery and the participation in welldesigned clinical trials is exciting as I consider how these studies may ultimately positively affect my patients. To ensure my ability to successfully contribute to these research opportunities, I am currently participating in the IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network program. Learning the fundamentals for performing excellent clinical research, I look forward to completion of this program.
I continue my contribution to the development of the next generation of Health Professionals. It is a privilege to provide educational offerings in several formats. I especially enjoy teaching Learners who rotate through the Pediatric Infectious Diseases service. This venue affords me the type of spontaneous teaching opportunities that I crave. I also enjoy teaching beyond the walls of our Health System. For example, I am honored to be an invited speaker for the AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar, where I will teach a session on Team Development. This exciting opportunity is sure to nurture my passion for equipping faculty with vital leadership skills not generally provided in postdoctoral training.
My dedication to service provides the foundation for my ultimate career goals. First, I remain a champion for the provision of excellent patient care. I believe this [provision of care] is our primary goal at the Health System and strive to take all measures to ensure I take every opportunity to continue expansion of my clinical knowledge base. Second, I cherish my new role as the UNM Children’s Hospital Epidemiologist and plan to serve the Hospital diligently with my efforts. I will complete [anticipated] my Master of Public Health degree during the Summer of 2018 so that I may perform excellent Quality Improvement projects they relate to Pediatric Infection Prevention and Control and Pediatric Antimicrobial Stewardship. Next, I look forward to continuing my purposeful service on the UNM Medical Leadership Academy Steering Committee. Taking the opportunity to continue my efforts in the provision of leadership skills to the Health System is of the utmost importance to me. Last, I look forward to my persistent service on various committees within the Health System and University as a whole. My participation on committees such as the Physician Advisory Group (PAG) and Policy Alignment Workgroup provide satisfying opportunities to contribute to the Health System in a meaningful way. Additionally, my continued efforts on committees such as service as the Faculty Senate Policy Committee co-chair will afford opportunities to foster relationships that span the University campus and positively impact faculty policy