Muttil earned a B.S. in Pharmacy (1999) and a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics (2006) from Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow, India. He did post-doctoral research in aerosol drug and vaccine delivery at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, before coming to UNM in 2010

Personal Statement

Muttil’s research interests are focused broadly on developing novel drug/vaccine delivery systems against infectious diseases and cancers. These delivery systems include formulations applicable for administration by the aerosol, oral, and transdermal routes. He has been trained as a formulation scientist based on his graduate and post-doctoral training.

Areas of Specialty

Specialization #1 Formulating drug/vaccine delivery platforms using the spray drying technology

Specialization #2 Developing novel formulations applicable for delivering by the pulmonary, oral, and transdermal routes

Specialization #3 Evaluating novel formulations in preclinical models for their pharmacokinetic profile and efficacy

Specialization #4 Stabilization of drugs and vaccines that would not require cold-chain during storage and distribution


PhD, Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow, 2006 (Pharmaceutics)
BS, Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow,1999 (Pharmacy)

Achievements & Awards

NIH grant reviewer, 2017-2020 [Ad hoc NIH reviewer for different study sections including VMD, GDD, and SEPs)
Chair, 2017 [American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Rocky Mountain Discussion Group]
UNM College of Pharmacy Faculty Appreciation Award, 2016
UNM College of Pharmacy Graduate Student Faculty Appreciation Award, 2015
Bill & Melinda Gates Grand Challenges Exploration grant, 2012

Awards (Grants and contracts funded or completed during the last three years)

NIH/NIGMS, 7/2020-6/2021 [STTR sub-award, “Multi-layered microneedles for delivering VLP-based vaccines”, Co-PI]
NIH/NIAID, 9/2018-5/2021 [SBIR sub-award, “An inhaled clofazimine formulation for the treatment of tuberculosis”, Co-PI]
NIH/NHLBI, 9/2020-3/2021 [SBIR sub-award, “Development of NH101: A Simple and Efficient Outpatient Dry Powder Amphotericin dry powder nebulizer for Treatment of Susceptible and MDR Aspergillus/ Fungal Infections”, Co-PI]
NIH/NICHD, 8/2018-7/2021 [R21 sub-award, “Aqueous-based two-step spray drying as a taste masking drug delivery platform”, Co-PI]
NIH/NCATS, 8/2020-5/2021 [CTSA sub-award, “Development of a Smart-Inhaler to Improve Care for Asthma Patients” PI]
NIH/NIAID, 1/2020-11/2020 [SBIR sub-award, “Development of an improved, low-cost polio vaccine (Ir-IPV)”, Co-PI]
National Research Foundation, 6/2017-6/2019 [NRF, South Africa, “Inhaled BCG vaccine for enhanced protection against tuberculosis”, Co-PI]
NIH/NIAID, 2/2017-7/2018 [R15 sub-award, “Development of a multi-epitope bacteriophage VLPs vaccine to enhance protection against oral HPV infections in HIV patients”, Co-PI]

Courses Taught

1) PHRM 824 - Dosage forms (3 credit hours)- I am the Instructor of record for this course for the last eight years (since 2012)

2) PHRM 810 - Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics and dosage forms (3 credit hours)

3) PHRM 802 - Physical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics (3 credit hours)

Research and Scholarship

1) Price, D., Kunda, N., Ellis, R., Muttil, P.* (2020) Design and optimization of a temperature-stable dry powder BCG vaccine Pharmaceutical Research 37(1), 1-14 (Impact factor- 3.9)

2) Kunda, N. K.*, Peabody, J., Zhai, L., Price, D., Chackerian, B., Tumban, E., Muttil, P.* (2019) Evaluation of the thermal stability and the protective efficacy of liquid and spray-dried HPV vaccine, Gardasil® 9 Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, DOI: 10.1080/21645515.2019.1593727 (Impact factor- 3.64)

3) Price, D., Kusewitt, D. F., Lino, C.A., McBride, A. A., Wu, T. H., Muttil, P.* (2016) Oral tolerance to environmental mycobacteria interferes with intradermal, but not pulmonary, immunization against tuberculosis. PLOS Pathogens May 6;12 (5): e1005614 (Impact factor: 7.56)

4) Saboo, S., Tumban, E., Wafula, D., Peabody, J., Peabody, D. S., Chackerian, B., Muttil, P.* (2016). An optimized formulation of a thermostable spray-dried virus-like particles vaccine against human papillomavirus. ACS Molecular Pharmaceutics 13 (5), 1646-1655 (Impact factor: 4.38)

5) Kunda, N. K., Wafula, D., Tram, M., Wu, T., Muttil, P.* (2016). A stable live bacterial vaccine. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics Epub- March 25 (Impact factor: 4.25)