Dr. Padin-Rosado, received a B.S in Microbiology from the University of Puerto Rico. He earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Central Del Caribe University. Following his MD degree he completed a residency in Neurology at the University of Puerto Rico. He then completed a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology from LSU and a second fellowship in Epilepsy at Yale University.

Personal Statement

I am an epileptolotlogist and a clinical neurophysiologist with interest in the treatment of drug resistant epilepsies, presurgical evaluation of epilepsy, devices used in the treatment of drug resistant epilepsy, ICU EEG monitoring and treatment of status epilepticus, Intraoperative monitoring of the CNS and PNS and management of PNES. I am the medical director of the CNP laboratory at UNMH and the CNP fellowship director.

Areas of Specialty

Epilepsy and Epilepsy Surgery
Clinical Neurophysiology
Intraoperative Monitoring
ICU EEG Monitoring

Key Publications

Journal Article
Yang, , Morland , , Schmits , , Rawson , , Narasimhan , , Motelow , , Purcaro , , Peng , , Raouf , , Desalvo , , Oh , , Wilkerson , , Bod , , Srinivasan , , Kurashvili , , 2010 A prospective study of loss of consciousness in epilepsy using virtual reality driving simulation and other video games. Epilepsy Behavior




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Courses Taught

Clinical Neurophysiology
Presurgical evaluation of Epilepsy
Magnetoencephalogram in Epilepsy