Timmins received BS and PhD Degrees from the University of Leeds UK in 1986 and 1990. After postdoctoral and research faculty positions in York and Cardiff UK, and at Dartmouth College, he was recruited to the UNMHSC College of Pharmacy in 2001.

Personal Statement

I am interested broadly in use of stable isotopes in diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease. This has lead to an interest in patenting and commercialization. Recent discovery of unusual isotope effects in a specific enzymatic reaction has led to a developing interest in quantum mechanical effects in metabolism, part of the developing field of quantum biology.

Areas of Specialty

Specialization #1 Stable Isotopes
Specialization #2 Infectious Disease
Specialization #3 Biological Free Radicals
Specialization #4 Quantum Biology


PhD, University of Leeds, 1990 (Biochemistry)
BSc, University of Leeds, 1986 (Biochemistry)

Achievements & Awards

STC Innovation Fellow, 2013


  • French

Research and Scholarship

Mechanisms of action of isoniazid
GS Timmins, V Deretic
Molecular microbiology 62 (5), 1220-1227, 2006

Rapid in vivo detection of isoniazid-sensitive Mycobacterium tuberculosis by breath test
SW Choi, M Maiga, MC Maiga, V Atudorei, ZD Sharp, WR Bishai, GS Timmins
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-6, 2014

Magnetodynamic activation of 13 C-acyl isoniazid and isoniazid and ethionamide derivatives
G Timmins, SW Choi
US Patent 9,579,381, 2017

Evidence-based obviousness for use in patent prosecution and review
GS Timmins
Nature biotechnology 37 (9), 997-1000, 2019