Nina Wallerstein, Dr.P.H, Professor of Public Health, College of Population Health; Director, Center for Participatory Research (, University of New Mexico, has been developing community based participatory research (CBPR) and empowerment/Freirian interventions for over thirty-five years. She is currently co-Principal Investigator of an intergenerational culture-centered family prevention program with three Southwest tribes. To strengthen the science, art, and equity advocacy of CBPR, she is Principal Investigator of Engage for Equity, an NINR-funded RO1, with national partners, to research best partnering practices associated with health outcomes and to develop a partnership collective reflection/action toolkit. She is an appointed member of the NASEM committee for developing measures for community engaged science for health services and policy. She has collaboratively produced with Latin American colleagues a train-the trainer Empowerment, Health Promotion, and Participatory Research curriculum (initially sponsored by Pan American Health Organization in 1999) with its 2021 third edition (revised by Wallerstein and Parajon), to be available in Spanish, Portuguese and English; and co-sponsors an annual summer Institute in CBPR for Health since 2009.

Areas of Specialty

  • Community Based Participatory Research for Health Equity
  • Community Empowerment in Public Health Interventions

Achievements & Awards

Her scholarship includes over a hundred and fifty publications, including multiple books, e.g., Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) for Health: Advancing Social and Health Equity, 3rd edition, 2018; and Problem-Posing at Work: A Popular Educator’s Guide (extending Paulo Freire’s emancipatory education methodology across education and public health). Her most important achievement has been her cultivation of partners to make a difference in health equity, including community and tribal partners throughout New Mexico; nationally through multiple community engagement networks, including her sponsorship of a national Think Tank of community and academic CBPR colleagues; and globally through her leadership in the International Collaboration of Participatory Health Research, the Health Equity Network of the Americas, and her over twenty-year collaboration with Brasilian scholars, educators, and activists. In 2016, she received the inaugural Community Engaged Research Lecture award from the University of New Mexico.

Key Publications

  • Wallerstein, N., (2020) (Guest Editor): Introduction to Special Collection on Engage for Equity: Advances in Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) and Community Engaged Research (CEnR) for Health Education and Public Health. Health Education and Behavior, 47(3): 357 - 358.
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  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, French


To promote the science and impact on health equity from cultural-centered transdisciplinary intervention research with community and tribal partners; and to promote the science and impact on health equity of community based participatory research/community engaged research.

Center for Participatory Research 

Courses Taught

  • Determinants of Public Health Equity
  • Community Based Participatory Research for Health: Indigenous and Critical Methodologies