Key Publications

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Note: *Co-first author; #Corresponding author


T helper cell differentiation. T helper (TH) cells are the central organizer of adaptive immunity. Upon activation, T helper progenitors differentiate towards different functional subsets. Mis-regulation of T helper cells is involved in immune deficiency, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and even in cancer.

In the past decade or two, numerous findings by many groups, including ours, shed light on the understanding of T helper cells in health and diseases. In addition, phenotype switch of TH cells implicates potential opportunities for targeting these cells in diseases. Our lab continues working on T helper cell differentiation, plasticity and function.

TH17 cell and its cytokines in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. TH17 cell and its cytokines in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. TH17 cells, a recently described T helper subset, secrete IL-17, IL-17F, IL-21, IL-22 and TNF and regulate tissue inflammation. TH17 cells have been shown to play a critical role in many inflammatory diseases.

  1. Neuroinflammation. TH17 cells play an important role in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, a mouse model of human multiple sclerosis. We are investigating how TH17 cells influence inflammatory infiltrates crossing the brain-blood barrier and how TH17 cells co-operate with other types of cells to cause nerve system damage.
  2. Differential function of IL-17 and IL-17F. We and others have demonstrated that IL-17 and IL-17F, the two closest homologs of the IL-17 cytokine family, share pro-inflammatory features but have distinct functions when acting on various tissues. Particularly, we are interested in inflammation in the gut. Understanding the molecular basis whereby the cytokines, IL-17 and IL-17F lead to differential function is one of our current foci.
T helper cells in allergy. TH2 cells play a critical role in allergic asthma. Recently, TH9 cells were found joining in the battle. Our interests are to characterize the regulation of TH9 cell differentiation and the effector cytokine IL-9 signaling in allergic diseases.