Dr. Zeng earned his Ph.D. in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and completed postdoctoral training in Pediatric Exercise and Nutrition at Colorado State University.

Personal Statement

The general theme of my research lies in understanding the role of physical activity and diet behaviors in promoting health and preventing chronic disease. This extends to characteristics associated with a healthy lifestyle, such as smart nutrition choices, physical activity participation, and the maintenance of ideal body weight. Driven by this theme, I conduct two main streams of inquiry. The first line of inquiry utilizes evidence-based interventions to promote health behaviors, such as physical activity and healthy eating. I am especially interested in exploring novel strategies, such as how emerging technologies like exergames (i.e., activity-promoting video games) and mobile apps affect health outcomes in relation to adiposity, physical activity, eating behaviors, physical functioning, etc. The second line of inquiry examines the social-ecological correlates and determinants of health behaviors, including healthy eating and physical activity participation, and then use that information to design and evaluate behavior change programs.

Areas of Specialty

Health Behavior Change

Childhood Obesity

Mixed-method Designs

Pediatric Nutrition and Exercise

Marginalized Populations