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Palliative Care

Turn to UNM Health System’s Palliative Care Service when your loved one is seriously ill. Palliative care is specialized medical treatment that focuses on alleviating suffering and improving quality of life during an illness.

Palliative care differs from hospice care in that it can help a patient of any age during any stage of a serious illness. Hospice care is meant for patients who are reaching the last stages of life.

The UNM Health System palliative care team works with your primary care physician and provides expert pain and symptom management. They also help keep communication flowing between doctors and patients and their families.

When the time comes to make difficult decisions regarding treatment options, the palliative care team can help with that, too.

How Your Family Benefits

The palliative care team, which is made up of doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains and others, provides:

  • A sense of security.
  • Emotional and spiritual support.
  • Expertise in helping families navigate the health care system.
  • Help with relieving many symptoms such as appetite loss, fatigue, constipation and more.

We’re here to help you during a time that can feel overwhelming.

Ask your doctor for a referral. For more information, call 505-272-4868.

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