By Cindy Foster

Zooming for Answers

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center and UNM Rio Rancho Campus to Host COVID-19 Seminar

Rio Rancho residents can get expert answers to their pandemic-related questions next week via Zoom with “COVID-19 – What You Need to Know, A Community Education Seminar.”

The seminar, sponsored by The University of New Mexico Health System and UNM Health Sciences Rio Rancho Campus, will be offered live at 12:00 p.m. on Monday, November 23.

Quarterly community seminars were already underway when the pandemic hit, says Laura Burton, PhD, associate director for business operations at the UNM Health Sciences Rio Rancho Campus.

“With this seminar we want to offer a medically grounded session focused on the basics of COVID-19, prevention and the latest treatment, with a Q&A session following,” Burton says. 

The seminar will feature three presenters, with 15 minutes at the end of the session available for follow-up questions, according to Abby Camacho, provider relations liaison at UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center (SRMC).

“We know there are so many questions out there about COVID-19, and sometimes just the sheer volume of information can become confusing,” Camacho says. “With this seminar, we have health experts who can give a first-hand viewpoint on what they are seeing.”

The 45-minute public seminar will feature remarks by three SRMC health care providers:

  • Matthew Wilks, MD, MS, Emergency Department medical director and Quality and Patient Safety medical director
  • Petra Bergenthal, RN, Infection Control program manager
  • Jared Bousliman, RN, Occupational Health

“It is so important in these times to provide community education and support in a timely way, and we are hoping the Zoom format can do that,” Camacho says.

The Zoom link for the seminar is, with a passcode of 1234.  For more information, email Camacho at

“We are hoping to equip community members so they can make wise choices to help their loved ones and community, as well as reduce some of the angst being felt with the increase in positive cases,” Burton says.

The UNM Health System hopes to continue providing seminars based on community concerns, with plans to showcase current trends in treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, Camacho says.

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