Sophia Sagert and Maria Di Ienno
By Eleanor C. Hasenbeck

Honoring Extraordinary Lobo Nurses

UNM College of Nursing Recognizes Outstanding Summer 2022 Graduates

The University of New Mexico College of Nursing recognized four awardees in its Summer 2022 Celebration, held on August 13, 2022.

These newly graduated bachelor of science in nursing alumni were recognized for their leadership, commitment to the profession of nursing and exemplify the college’s values of academic excellence, diversity and inclusion, innovation, integrity and respect.


One of the greatest currencies you can give a person is inspiration.  That has been my goal throughout the program. Leadership, in my eyes, encourages mentorship and provides a space for nursing students to feel capable of achieving their goals. I would not have been able to accomplish all of this without the wonderful support from the faculty and all the amazing students in our exceptional cohort.
β€” Sophia Sagert

RN-BSN Academic Achievement Award: Renee Aguilar

This award is presented to a RN-to-BSN student who, as a leader, has demonstrated the values of the College – academic excellence, diversity, equity and inclusion, innovation, integrity and respect.

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