The six UNM physicians that were ranked top doctors
By El Webb

Professional Recognition

UNM Physicians Join the Ranks of Albuquerque’s Top Docs

Every day, more than 1,000 talented University of New Mexico clinicians deliver more to New Mexico communities. This year, UNM Health is proud to recognize seven of its physicians, who have been honored by Albuquerque the Magazine as the 2023 top doctors in the 19th annual “Top Docs of Albuquerque” issue.

Offering access to New Mexico’s only Level I trauma center, more area locations and more personalized services to help you reach a higher level of care, UNM Health is committed to delivering more.

Doctors’ Day, which falls annually at the end of March, is aimed at appreciating clinicians who help save lives every day. The holiday first started in 1933 in Winder, Ga., and has since been observed every year on March 30.

It’s a time to celebrate medical advances and thank all doctors everywhere who have spent their time and energy mastering their field of expertise.


Pediatric Surgery – David G. Lemon, MD

As the Division of Pediatric Surgery chief and a UNM School of Medicine professor, Lemon was also recognized as the pediatric surgery “Top Doc” by Albuquerque the Magazine in 2021. According to his profile, Lemon said he believes universal health care is long overdue. When asked to complete the old “an apple a day” adage, Lemon said, “An apple a day is a great source of fiber and keeps the apple growers in my hometown in business.”

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