By Carlos Linares MD, MPH

Argentina Fulbright Fellows Attend Health Equity Training at the UNM TREE Center

A diverse group of 20 Fulbright Fellows gathered at the UNM Transdisciplinary Research, Equity and Engagement (TREE) Center to participate in a groundbreaking health equity training program through the Institute for Young Leaders: Leading Peace Through Policy Making. This unique initiative, designed to empower future leaders in addressing health care disparities, was held on June 7, 2023, and marked an essential milestone in the Center’s mission in pursuit of global health equity.

The intensive training program featured a comprehensive curriculum encompassing such critical topics such as social determinants of health, systemic barriers, cultural competence, advocacy strategies, and policy development. Led by Lisa Cacari Stone, Ph.D, M.S, M.A; Magdalena Avila, Ph.D;  and Veronica Plaza, M.D, MPH; the fellows participated in interactive workshops, lectures, and case studies using digital storytelling to enhance the participants' understanding of health disparities and their impact on vulnerable populations, leading to valuable insights into the complex dynamics of healthcare access, equity, and justice.

In addition, the participants explored innovative approaches to mitigate health disparities, promote inclusivity, and foster culturally responsive care. This immersive experience provided them with practical tools and resources to effect change within their respective communities and beyond.

One of the highlights of the training was the exchange of experiences and perspectives among this diverse cohort. They engaged in lively discussions, sharing experiences, and forged meaningful connections, fostering a collaborative network committed to advancing health equity globally.

The Institute for Young Leaders: “Leading Peace Through Policy Making” is a part of a three-week long educational and cultural initiative sponsored by the Public Affairs Section at the US Embassy in Argentina and the Fulbright Program, which chose the University of New Mexico through the Office of Global Education to provide a variety of educational and cultural activities to identify models of leadership that support diplomacy and policymaking around key global challenges, specifically: health in all policies; justice, equity, accessibility, diversity & inclusion (JEADI), and climate change & sustainability.

Categories: College of Population Health, Community Engagement