By Kayleen Schenk

UNM’s College of Nursing Welcomes a new Assistant Dean of Professional Graduate Programs

The University of New Mexico College of Nursing welcomes a new Assistant Dean of Professional Graduate Programs who brings a wealth of experience in community-based primary care, research and caring for underserved populations and clinical education design.

Gina C. Rowe, PhD, DNP, MPH, FNP-BC, PHCNS-BC, FNAP, skills and passion are sure to lend themselves positively to the College of Nursing’s dynamic mission of providing exemplary and innovative education, research, practice, service and leadership that improve state, national and global health.


Coming to UNM interested me because the nursing graduate programs are well-designed to meet health care needs in New Mexico for more advanced practice nurses and nurse leaders. The UNM graduate programs are also innovative, ambitious and diversity-minded.
Gina C. Rowe, Assistant Dean of Professional Graduate Programs, UNM College of Nursing

Her experience as a nursing graduate program coordinator at several institutions including Texas A&M University, the University of Maryland, and South Dakota State University have prepared her well for her new role at UNM.  Her skills include curriculum standardization, the ability to develop effective student resources, and the objective to ensure that nursing programs actively support faculty, staff, and students in achieving diversity and inclusivity.

These aspects of her professional repertoire are particularly important for UNM’s College of Nursing, which seeks to address evolving concerns in rural health care and health care equity among New Mexico’s diverse populations.  

“Gaining Dr. Rowe is a success and an opportunity for our students to learn from a nursing professional who is such an experienced clinical educator and nurse. Her foci on managing chronic illness and providing treatment in rural and underserved areas make her an exciting addition to our faculty and a valuable resource for our graduate students,” says Interim Dean Carolyn Montoya, PhD, RN, PNP-PC, FAANP, FAAN.

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