Balloonists filling UNM hot air balloon.
By Ethan Rule

UNM hot air balloon is the 'Cherry On Top' of this ballooning season

It’s officially fall—bringing crisp mornings, the smell of roasted green chile, and hot air balloons by the dozens to the skies of Albuquerque. This year a new balloon can be spotted in the sky, Cherry on Top, the official University of New Mexico hot air balloon.

UNM and Rainbow Ryders, Inc. revealed the new UNM hot air balloon on Monday, Oct. 2, as Cherry on Top made its first public appearance on Johnson Field on UNM’s Albuquerque campus. The event, which was planned to include tethered balloon rides for dozens of UNM students, was cut short by windy weather. Even though it couldn’t fly as planned, the excitement for the new balloon was evident with more than 250 attendees cheering as the propane burner roared.

“I think one of the staple events in Albuquerque is balloon fiesta,” said ASUNM President Krysta Pacheco. “To have something that represents the University is such a positive light and something that’s so fun is very exciting. There are a lot of students, alumni, and community members that are going to take pride in this balloon so having it showcased for the first time on Johnson Field with UNM students, the administration and the community is something special.”



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