UNM Celebrates Black History Month

UNM Health & Health Sciences Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month recognizes and honors the extraordinary contributions that Black people have made to our U.S. history. Additionally, Black history provides us. an opportunity to learn about the experiences and lived realities of Blackness locally and globally. As we honor Black history, we are committed to seeking greater knowledge and understanding through thoughtful engagement.

UNM Health and Health Sciences would like to take this time to acknowledge and appreciate Black members of our own community who have advanced our teaching, research, and service. Although this month is dedicated to honoring Black history, we remain committed to doing this work year long. 

Aaron Williams headshot
Your words have great power. Do not be silent, speak up and use them to support and inspire.
Aaron Williams, Sr. Executive Director, UNM Hospital Ambulatory Operations

Evangeline Ward headshot
Recognizing and understanding our differences makes us a better and stronger healthcare team!
Evangeline "Van" Ward, Parm.D., MBA, Ph.C

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