By Makenzie McNeill

UNM Hospital to Start Filling 700+ Positions to Staff New Tower

More than 700 jobs are opening up for health care workers and others as The University of New Mexico Hospital begins the exciting process of recruiting staff for its new Critical Care Tower (CCT).

In addition to growing the local economy with hundreds of new high wage jobs, the CCT will help support the growing health care needs in New Mexico.
As one of the largest employers in Albuquerque, we have a commitment to provide new jobs in our community that help support families across the region.
Sara Frasch, PhD, Chief Human Resources Officer, UNM Hospital

A new webpage has recently launched that will highlight careers inside the massive, nine-level structure, and UNM Hospital is eager to use this tool to promote the job opportunities the CCT offers to New Mexicans and beyond. 

“The CCT is a demonstration of how we are fulfilling our mission and providing for the health care needs of our community,” said Alex Walker, project coordinator with UNM Hospital talent acquisition.

“The CCT shows that we're growing as an institution, and we're looking for people to grow with us.”

UNM Hospital will be looking for more than 700 qualified individuals to fill the vacancies in this advanced, contemporary structure.  

The departments that will be hiring include Surgical Services, the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Medicine, Pharmacy, Radiology, Rehabilitation Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Respiratory Therapy, Environmental Services, Facilities, Food and Nutrition, and Security.

Over the next few months, these teams will gradually post job applications on the webpage, so candidates are encouraged to check the site periodically for more openings. In fact, many of these positions are available now in the current hospital, so people can join us sooner than later.

From RNs to housekeepers, there is a wide range of opportunities available to the community.  

That’s why UNM Hospital invites all prospective job seekers to consider the CCT as their next career move. 

“UNM Hospital offers unique features such as being the only Level I Trauma Center in the state and having historical connections to Indian Health Services and the people of New Mexico,” said Robby Toledano, the new director of Talent Acquisition at UNM Hospital. 

“I want to help make UNM Hospital the best place to work for everyone and help candidates see that this is the best place to serve their community.”

The CCT is truly nothing less than state-of-the-art.

The larger adult emergency department will have 68 exam rooms to provide care for New Mexicans with the most traumatic injuries. 

The surgical suite, with 18 operating rooms, will come equipped with a stainless-steel modular wall system, floor to ceiling. called this innovative setup “the operating room of the future” for its superior infection control, reduced maintenance time and incredible durability. 

The adult intensive care unit will increase its bed capacity by one-third, from 72 beds to 96, to ensure that New Mexico’s sickest patients can receive critical care here at home. 

With cutting-edge imaging and medical equipment on nearly every level, the CCT will be one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the state. 

As the largest construction project in the state thus far, UNM Hospital is excited to bring many talented and passionate New Mexicans to work at a facility that is truly making history in New Mexico.    

“As one of the largest employers in Albuquerque, we have a commitment to provide new jobs in our community that help support families across the region,” said Sara Frasch, PhD, chief human resources officer at UNM Hospital. 

“Our new CCT not only provides job opportunities but also gives New Mexicans the space to learn and contribute to the most technologically advanced patient care.”

To learn more about the hospital expansion or job opportunities in the CCT, visit https://www.unmhjobs.com/critical-care-tower.


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