Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Focuses on Patient Care Reviews

We know we have some of the best and hardest working physicians out there. Don't we want others to know it as well? Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) will help us make clear the many complex conditions of our patients through accurate and thorough documentation.

That means it's better for continuity of patient care, more accurate info for research studies and teaching, and more robust data for quality online physician rankings.

Rankings and profiles are publicly accessible for consumers and reflect, in part, the acuity of the patients we care for. Improved descriptions of high acuity patients and ongoing documentation improvement should place UNM in the top echelon of rankings for quality of care.

The CDI team is working to ensure documentation is spot on! The team of 14 clinical documentation specialists and coding professionals are in UNM Health Information Management Department and are led by Catherine Porto, executive director of health information, and Alethea Martinez, CDI manager.

A team of physician champions supporting the CDI team at UNM is also being developed. Drs. Rohini McKee, Aaron Jacobs and Lida Fatemi are the dedicated Physician Advisors at UNM. Led by Dr. Richard Crowell, UNM is putting itself in a position for continued success for years to come.