By Cindy Foster

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Sandoval Regional Medical Center Expanding Cardiology Services

Anxiety levels run high when patients are facing a possible heart disease diagnosis, but at UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center (SRMC), they can now receive a cardiology specialist appointment and all the diagnostic tests they need completed in one day.

"The goal in opening our clinic has been to provide 'one-stop' shopping where our patients can not only see their doctor, but also receive all their diagnostic testing in one day," says Abinash Achrekar, MD, MPH.

The UNM Division of Cardiology recently expanded its Westside clinic and now provides daily appointments for cardiology patients. Achrekar and Harry Hai, MD, both UNM School of Medicine Cardiology faculty members, are practicing at the clinic.

"UNM's cardiology faculty have a long history of service on the Westside and we are delighted they are expanding their clinic here," says Robb McLean, MD, SRMC's chief medical officer.

The new clinic is home to the former staff of the UNM Westside Cardiology Clinic that had been located at McMahon Blvd NW. Those offices have since closed, with the new clinic opening at SRMC, located in Rio Rancho's City Center at 3001 Broadmoor Blvd NE.

"While the expanded clinic is new, our staff have been together for years and some have worked together for close to two decades," Achrekar says.

The clinic is also offers patients a range of preventive services that include lipid management, blood pressure control and lifestyle modifications such as nutrition, diet, exercise and counseling, he says.

The UNM Cardiology Clinic is provided by the award-winning Cardiology Division within the School of Medicine at UNM Hospital, which has earned several honors and designations throughout the years.

To obtain an appointment, please call (505) 994-7397.