The University of New Mexico is dedicated to improving lives in New Mexico. To help meet this goal, UNM has identified three Grand Challenges that will build upon the expertise, commitment and focus of our faculty and staff to address three of the state's most important issues.

The goal is to leverage partnerships with other researchers, communities and stakeholders around the state to focus on Sustainable Water Resources, Substance Use Disorders, and Successful Aging.

New Mexico's Grand Challenges affect us all. From our smallest communities to our largest cities, from all four corners and every place in between, we all feel the need to develop sustainable water resources, reduce the prevalence of substance use disorders, and ensure high quality of life for our aging friends and family members.

Please join us as we refine our approaches for tackling these three great challenges.

You can learn more at a special 90-minute presentation Friday, February 22 at 9 am in UNM Sub Ballroom C. Challenge team leaders will present their goals, teams and plans and respond to audience questions. Small group discussions will also provide additional insights to the teams and the University regarding research suggestions, new partnerships to foster, and methods for leveraging these Challenges to enrich undergraduate and graduate learning at UNM.

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