New Leadership at the HSC Institute of Ethics

Jonathan Bolton, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the HSC Office of Professionalism, has been named by Chancellor Paul Roth to direct the HSC Institute of Ethics. He will take over from Anne Simpson, MD, who retired after over thirty years of service to the UNM Health Sciences Center.

The Institute of Ethics was founded in 2002. It provides assistance to members of the HSC and communities throughout New Mexico, helping people think through the complicated ethical issues that can arise in modern healthcare. The goals of the Institute are to:

  • increase the competence in ethical analysis by members of the HSC
  • provide opportunities for the discussion of ethical issues in healthcare
  • help medical providers, patients, and their families think through ethical dilemmas that arise in the delivery of medical care
  • offer considered opinions on ethics-related topics for public discussion
  • produce scholarship in bioethics, professional ethics, leadership ethics, and educational ethics

The Institute oversees the work of the Bioethics Committee, which consists of clinicians, lawyers, clinicians-in-training, and community members who provide consultations to providers, staff, patients and their families. Learn more at

Correction: A director of the Bioethics Committee will be chosen at a later date. This article previously stated that Jerald Belitz PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, would direct the Bioethics Committee.

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