By Alex Sanchez

OMI Releases Findings on West Mesa Remains

Remains are ancient

The Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI) has examined the human remains found earlier this week in the area of 118th Street and Dennis Chavez Boulevard. Although it was believed these remains might have been connected to the West Mesa murders discovered in the same area in 2009, we have determined that the remains are ancient Native American and they are associated with a site where the archeological elements date back to the time period of 1100-1300 A.D.

"Our forensic anthropologist and forensic dentist used dental features, bone weathering scales and other observations to determine the age and origin of these remains," said Chief Medical Investigator Kurt B. Nolte, MD. "It's not lost on us that there are family members whose loved ones are missing and thought this discovery might bring them closure. Our hearts go out to those families."

The State Archeologist will now take control of the site and will ensure that any remaining skeletal elements are collected and removed for appropriate reburial.

There is no indication that there are any other further human remains at the site. The site had previously been sampled prior to construction and those samples did not turn up any evidence of human remains.

The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) will continue to secure the site until the excavation process is complete. Any further questions about the investigation should be directed to APD.

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