By Cindy Foster

UNM Pain Center holds ribbon cutting for Center for Kinesio Taping Methods

Event slated for Tuesday, September 26

A ribbon cutting to celebrate UNM's new Center for Kinesio Taping Methods, located within the UNM Pain Center, will be held Tuesday, September 26. Kinesio Holding Corporation is providing a $300,000 gift to UNM in support of the new center.

"In this time of a national opioid crisis, we believe strongly that it is important to provide our pain management patients with a full range of non-opioid treatments and we know Kinesio taping is now an evidence-guided therapy," said Joanna Katzman, M.D., director of the UNM Pain Clinic within the School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery.

Kenzo Kase is a chiropractor who pioneered both the technique of the non-drug treatment and production the popular brand of elastic tape used by pain patients of all ages to heal and protect against injuries. The colorful tape is currently sold in 90 countries. His daughter, Elsa Kase, is Vice President of Kinesio Holding Corporation, located in Albuquerque.

"While we don't know the complete mechanism in which taping works, it is believed that proper placement and tension on the tape while applying it are important aspects of successful treatment. At UNM we will have trained staff applying the tape so that our patients can obtain maximum benefit," said Katzman.

In addition to the gift, the company is also donating tape to UNM for other educational uses.

The open house will begin at 4 p.m. with demonstrations. There will be speakers and a ribbon cutting at 4:30 and tours following the ceremony.

UNM's Pain Consultation and Treatment Center is the only interdisciplinary clinic of its kind in New Mexico. It is located in the Clinical Neurosciences center at 900 Camino de Salud. Parking is available northeast of the corner of Yale and Camino de Salud.

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