Environmental Health Signature Program and Superfund Research Center Pilot Project Award

Funding EHSP Pilot


  • Application Release Date:  June 5, 2020
    IRB Submission Deadline:  July 31, 2020
    Application Deadline: September 25, 2020 5:00 pm
    IRB Approval Deadline for NIH Review:  September 25, 2020
    Notice of Intent to Fund/Decline: October 19, 2020
    Earliest Notice of Award:  November 20, 2020
    Funding Cycle:  December 1, 2020 through November 30, 2021



The purpose of this RFA is to support pilot projects that utilize the EHSP and CTSC infrastructure to produce preliminary data for competitive NIH grant proposals in clinical and translational research. Projects must be of high methodological quality and must demonstrate feasible and generalizable solutions to translational research problems. All awards are dependent upon the availability of CTSA funds.


Principal Investigators for these pilot awards must have a primary appointment as UNM HSC faculty (junior or senior investigators). Any other investigator who cannot submit the grants emanating from this pilot award through the UNM HSC is not eligible to receive this award.

Project Requirements

All investigators selected to receive funding will be expected to complete the CTSC Good Clinical Practice Training Course within 6 months of receiving award.

All investigators selected to receive funding will be expected to submit progress reports on go/no-go milestones monthly to ensure continued funding.

All investigators selected to receive funding will be expected to submit a Final Progress Report at the end of the funded project and an additional report one year later, detailing progress to date, expenditures, and all submitted publications and grant applications (pending or funded) relating to the pilot project.

Should investigators receive NIH funding during the Pilot period of performance, the investigator must ensure there is no budgetary overlap.


$10,000 to $25,000

Note: All funds not spent by the end date of the Pilot Project Award will be returned to the CTSC and NIH. No extensions will be granted.

Budget Guidelines:

All applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposal with either Matt Campen (EHSP Director; mcampen@salud.unm.edu ; 925-7778) or Johnnye Lewis (Superfund Director; jlewis@cybermesa.com ; 272-4853) before submission to ensure that research aligns with the pilot funding objectives and funding sources. Investigators should also meet with the CTSC Research Concierge, HSC-CTSCResearchConcierge@salud.unm.edu  for consultation and planning purposes in the effective use of CTSC Core services utilization for your research proposal is required. CTSC resources included in the budget will be covered using a non-refundable voucher program. These funds may not be reallocated to other expenses after the grant has been awarded. Rationale for not using CTSC Core services needs to be specifically justified.

Costs not covered under these awards:

  • faculty salaries
  • postdoctoral salaries
  • non-HSC staff salaries
  • graduate student support (stipends, tuition, etc.)
  • administrative or office supply costs (office supplies, paper, ink, telephone, etc.)
  • meals or hospitality (i.e., no food, beverages, or alcohol)
  • travel (per diem, hotel, rental car, mileage, flights, etc.)
  • equipment >$5,000 (items <$5,000 are at the discretion of the committee and can be removed from the budget)
  • computers, laptops, tablets
  • monetary incentives to clinics or providers (e.g. recruitment bonus)
  • other items typically supported by indirect costs (publication costs, printing/duplication costs)

Important Notice Regarding Pilots with Human Subjects Research

NIH requires prior approval of all pilot human subjects research. All pilot submissions must have IRB Protocol approved at the time of submission. A pilot cannot use an existing IRB protocol approval. Please note all pilot IRB protocol titles must match the title of the CTSA pilot application. All applicants will be required to submit proof of IRB Approval or proof of non-human subjects research at time of Pilot Application Deadline. Applications without IRB submission prior to the specified date will be administratively disqualified. Applications must have IRB approval no later than the pilot application deadline. Projects that do not have full IRB approval by the pilot application deadline will not be considered for funding.

All projects involving human subjects, required to submit an IRB application, are strongly encouraged to meet with the CTSA’s Regulatory Affairs Manager, Rebecca Brito (505-272-9542) for consultation and planning purposes.

Please refer to the RFA for further specific information. Please contact Christina Anderson


Pilot Program Director

Mark R. Burge, MD