Upcoming Brain Awareness Week Events

BBHI- Brain Day - May 1st

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Neuroscience Day - Fall semester

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CBRR Seminar

“Improving Preclinical Translation in Alzheimer’s Disease“

Stacey Rizzo, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh SOM

Monday February 24th  9-10 am
UNM’s Pete & Nancy Domenici Hall
Large Conference Room 1023

“Reinforcement learning neuropathologies underlying psychiatric sequelae in Traumatic brain Injury.”

Dr. Jeremy Hogeveen

Monday March 2nd, 9 am
Domenici Hall Room 1023

“The Role of Spreading Depolarization in Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries"

Russell Morton, Ph.D.

Monday March 16th, 9 am
Domenici Hall Room 1023


UNM Youth Sports Concussion

The NM Governor’s Commission on Disability, Brain Injury Advisory Council (MOU# 17-645-P700-007) funded the development of a training program to assist school and healthcare professionals manage sports concussions. Please click the image below for a presentation that may be used to help train school and healthcare professionals to better understand and manage sports concussions in youth.youth-sports-concussion