Message from Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Dr. Romero-Leggott

"Diversity is an evolving concept that emphasizes inclusion and respect of individuals and groups from different racial, cultural, cognitive, linguistic, ethnic, geographic, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds. Diversity as a core value seeks to cultivate better outcomes through the use of different collective narratives and histories, heuristics, perspectives, world-views, and belief systems."

The HSC's commitment to addressing health and educational disparities is evidenced by the creation of HSC-wide Office of Diversity (OoD). The OoD is responsible for a full panoply of programs addressing faculty diversity, linguistic and cultural competence, K-20 educational pipeline, research data and analyses, family involvement/community engagement, and leadership on issues of inclusion and equity.

The Vice Chancellor for Diversity (VCD) oversees the HSC Office for Diversity and provides leadership to conceptualize, define, develop, assess, nurture and cultivate diversity, inclusion, and health equity as both an HSC and UNM Health System institutional identity and resource resulting in widespread educational benefits and measurable health and healthcare value.

News and Events

Office for Diversity Summer Program Applications Close
The UNM HSC Office for Diversity is currently processing applications. Students will be sent notification letters by May 16, 2014 for all programs except the New Mexico Clinical Education Program (ClinEd), which will be sent by May 23, 2014. We appreciate your patience while we work through this process.

For questions, please call 505-272-2728 or email diversity@salud.unm.edu.

National News
Kellogg Quantifies The Cost of Racism in the US Across Various Sectors Including Health
The data and comprehensive analysis outlined in this article outline how race, class, residential
segregation, and income levels all work together to hamper access to opportunity. With these proof points in
hand, our partners across the country voice their concerns for vulnerable children and families – to find the
support needed to advance racial healing and racial equity. Click here for full article.

UNM Programs Rank in 2013 Best Schools for Hispanics
The University of New Mexico stands out on HispanicBusiness.com rankings of the top 10 graduate schools in business, law, engineering and medical, as was reported in their September 12, 2013 issue. They report, "A special nod goes out to the University of New Mexico, the only school that made the top 10 in every category. UNM, a staple of the lists since HispanicBusiness started putting them together, always scores high in almost every category, and its programs and efforts to attract and retain Hispanic students are second to none."

Path to United States Practice is Long Slog to Foreign Doctors, is a New York Times featured a page one story on foreign trained physicians seeking to practice in the U.S. and the difficult road they face getting licensed. Click here for full article.

How Will We Treat This Generation’s Henrietta Lacks
Ann Bonham, Ph.D., AAMC Chief Scientific Officer, has posted an essay on the Wing of Zok web site focused on the recent agreement between NIH and the family of Henrietta Lacks on the use of genomic data derived from HeLa cells. Dr. Bonham discussed the renewed public conversation about research consent and dignity, and its potential impact on the health of African-Americans and other minorities. Click here for full article.

Diversity Series 2014

The Diversity Series 2014 is brought to you by the UNM HSC Office of Diversity and the HSC Diversity Mavens to engage the UNM and surrounding communities in meaningful dialogue and critical reflection regarding issues important to a diverse group of people, thinking, and ideas.

Join us for upcoming Diversity Series 2014 to be announced soon.

Faculty of Color Videos
faculty_of_color_videos As many of you know, we have been working for some time on a special project highlighting the stories of many of the faculty of color at UNM HSC. A number of faculty responded to our request to be interviewed for the project and we have been videotaping and editing for several months.

We are delighted with all the interviews and stories and we are certain they will have a tremendous positive impact on students, prospective students, HSC administration, faculty, prospective faculty, staff, residents, community members, post-graduate learners, and others who view them.