"UNM is a really diverse school and that's really beneficial to the future of the healthcare system in New Mexico and the U.S." -Dan Quan, UNM School of Medicine '16

"In New Mexico, we have such a diverse population. We need faculty who represent those cultures. When we share a culture, we have a quick connection with the people we serve." -Dr. Krista Salazar, Associate Professor, UNM College of Pharmacy

Diversity as a core value seeks to cultivate better outcomes through the use of different collective narratives and histories, heuristics, perspectives, world-views, and belief systems.

Diversity is an evolving concept that emphasizes inclusion and respect of individuals and groups from different backgrounds, such as racial, cultural, cognitive, linguistic, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender, geographic, and socio-economic.

Welcome to the UNM Health Sciences Center Office for Diversity

The HSC's commitment to addressing health and educational disparities is evidenced by the creation of HSC-wide Office for Diversity (OfD). The OfD is responsible for a full panoply of programs addressing faculty diversity, linguistic and cultural competence, K-20 educational pipeline, research data and analyses, family involvement/community engagement, and leadership on issues of inclusion and equity.

The Vice Chancellor for Diversity (VCD) oversees the HSC Office for Diversity and provides leadership to conceptualize, define, develop, assess, nurture and cultivate diversity, inclusion, and health equity as both an HSC and UNM Health System institutional identity and resource resulting in widespread educational benefits and measurable health and healthcare value.