UNM Collaborators, Consultants, and Users

Hussein Al-Azzawi
Systems/Network Analyst 3, Center for Advanced Research Computing

Patrick Bridges, PHD
Professor, Computer Science

Lauren Decker, MD
Assistant Professor, Pathology

Lauren Dvorscak, MD
Assistant Professor, Pathology

Chandra Gerrard, MPH
Lecturer III, Radiology

Donavan R. Goff, MS, CIIP
Analyst Imaging Systems III, Radiology Informatics, University of New Mexico Hospitals

Gary M. Hatch, MD
Assistant Professor, Radiology and Pathology

Heather S. Jarrell, MD
Assistant Professor, Pathology

Lori Proe, DO
Assistant Professor, Pathology

Keith Prufer, PHD
Professor, Anthropology

Christina Salas, PHD
Assistant Professor, Orthopedics

Daniel J. Sandoval, PHD, DABR
Assistant Professor, Radiology

Ross Zumwalt, MD
Professor, Pathology

CT control room

In the Imaging Control Room, the CT technologist consults with autopsy personnel.

Kethery reviewing mri images

Imaging Supervisor Kethery Haber reviews MR images at a PACS station.

daniel sandoval checking x-ray unit

Medical Physicist Daniel Sandoval checks the calibration of a hand-held dental x-ray unit.